About PresentationMall.com

PresentationMall.com is a website offering presentation quality maps  for use in presentations, web graphics, illustrations, graphic design and much more!  Our maps are customizable making them perfect for creating custom map graphics.

PresentationMall.com, owned and operated by Trumpet Marketing Group, LLC provides editable maps of the world, continents, countries and US states in a variety of formats. The maps range in price from $29.00 to $649 depending on region and package contents. All products are distributed through electronic software download and are available immediately after purchase.  Trumpet Marketing Group, LLC is a graphic design and web development company serving clients across the globe for over eight years.  We offer professional graphic design and marketing services, which includes custom presentation map design.

We’d love to hear from you!

Any comments or suggestions regarding our products are welcome! Please send an email to: info@presentationmall.com

Technical Support

Like most software vendors, we provide technical support via email. This assures you the most complete response from a knowledgable technician in the least amount of time. Send techical requests to: support@presentationmall.com. If your issue requires a call, a member of our experienced technical staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


For general billing & payment questions, or if you don’t wish to pay using a different method, contact us at sales@presentationmall.com or at 1-800-734-5080.

License Info

If you are interested in some special licence or have questions about licensing. All products are licenced as single-user unless arrangements have been made through us. To inquire, contact us at sales@presentationmall.com or at 1-800-734-5080.