Nevada Map for Websites – Clickable HTML Image Map

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Nevada clickable HTML map for use in websites. Easily add Nevada maps to your website for visual navigation.

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Nevada Map with Individual Hyperlinked Objects – Quickly and Easily Add an Interactive Nevada Map to Projects!

A clickable selection map of Nevada can add simple, visual navigation to any Nevada related web site. PresentationMall’s ClickableMapz™ are html selection maps that are designed for use on websites. A user simply clicks on “hot spots” on the map to navigate to relevant web pages either within the current site or to external websites.

With our clickable maps for websites, website owners and developers can add and customize a visually stimulating Nevada map to any web page in just minutes!


  • Resizable image map designed to fit most virtually all web page designs. Existing size fits in 500px X 500px space and can be scaled down to fit any space.
  • Easily to customize. Specify where “hotspots” link by specifying the URL for each object.
  • Easily specify alternative text for non-graphic browsers and search engine friendliness.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions!

Download file includes:

This interactive HTML clickable map includes Four (4) versions of Nevada Map with county boundaries (Nevada Map – Single Color Without County Names, Nevada Map – Single Color With County Names, Nevada Map – Multi Color Without County Names, Nevada Map – Multi Color With County Names)

  • Included is an example Nevada image map file (.htm)
  • Included is an Adobe Illustrator version of Nevada map for an ultimate level of customization.
  • Included is the ClickableMapz Instruction Manual, with detailed, step by step instructions for implementing the Nevada map within your website.

System Requirements:

 HTML image map is supported by virtually all browsers and versions.

  • Adobe Dreamweaver® or other Image Map editor to customize map size. (Map can be edited with a text editor but requires some basic HTML knowledge)
  • Adobe Illustrator® to customize colors and edit map features (not required to use map)

Download the map immediately after purchase!

View ClickableMapz Instruction Manual for this interactive Nevada map for websites.

View End User License Agreement


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